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Logistics Optimization

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Logistics Optimization

Efficient logistics in a production or trading company is one of the most important requirements for a smooth operating procedure. Whether within the procurement of raw materials from your suppliers, within intralogistics or up to distribution to your customers: Inefficiencies lead to operational disruptions or unplanned costs. The demands on logistics in an increasingly complex globally networked world are increasing all the time. To meet these challenges, a company needs a multitude of experts – logistics buyers, transport experts, packaging specialists, hazardous goods specialists, freight cost professionals, etc.. We have exactly these experts for you to provide the right team of consultants for “YOUR” logistics problem according to your needs.

Due to our many years of 4PL-experience with pragmatic approach, we are able to analyze your logistics division’s potential at relatively short notice. At the beginning, it doesn’t matter if you are concerned with issues around processes, logistical costs or operational quality. The first steps are about determining your potentials and advising you on how to realize them.
Many procurement experts, who specialize in various shipping methods and industries, have proven that, with the help of our standardized approach, their expertise, cross-customer synergies and the right online tools, they can get 19% of tendering results on average. Another aspect of tender management that should not be ignored is the standardization of freight terms. Freight terms and the endless amount of additional costs are a complete mystery to most consignors. With the help of our experts, standardization alone can often lead to huge savings potentials.
The tools used by K4PLS enable our experts to analyze large amounts of data and to design an efficient and customized network for your cargo flows.
‘Just-in-time’ is often mixed up with ‘fast’, when it actually only means ‘on time and reliable’. Due to this misunderstanding, there are thousands of trucks on European roads that are not working with optimized capacity. By professionally analyzing cargo flows, deadlines and other parameters, we can significantly increase the capacity of transportation, thus reducing freight costs.
Nothing is as consistent as change. A distribution center that has been in the right place for the past ten years might not be right there any longer. Sources of supply change and clients migrate to other economic areas. To display the consequences of these changes in terms of monetary consequences and in terms of service levels, the right tools and experts are necessary. At Kloepfel 4PL Solutions, we have both and can perform a CoG-analysis if necessary.
The media is increasingly reporting on climate change and global warming. The calls for sustainable action are getting louder and louder. In this context, there is increasing talk of the “carbon footprint”, which quantifies the amount of CO2 emitted by a person or company. Transport logistics is considered to be one of the largest CO2-emitters. Our approach is what cannot be measured cannot be improved either. By using the appropriate DIN-procedure to measure CO2-emissions in logistics, we can draw up your company’s carbon footprint KPI. In a second step we can also support you in defining measures to sustainably reduce the CO2-emissions of your logistics.

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Logistics Optimization

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