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Logistics Management

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Logistics Management

Individually adapted to the requirements of your company, the logistics experts at Kloepfel 4PL Solutions design a process landscape for the efficient control of your cargo flows and map these in a state-of-the-art Transport Management System (TMS) to ensure full transparency of your processes and costs for each party. Features of this control tower solution are:

So that our customers do not have to invest themselves in the area of transport management within their ERP landscape, we are able to provide a system that meets all requirements of procurement and distribution logistics and helps our customers to meet the requirements of global transport and to gain a competitive advantage in the market through transparency and proactive information.
Operational, cost-optimized transport planning for all modes of transport worldwide.
Experienced logistics experts will manage the flow of your goods, bearing in mind all legal frameworks and with the persistent goal of getting all orders to their destination on time, in a cost-efficient and transparent manner.
No matter whether it concerns your production supply or the supply of your customers, with the Kloepfel 4PL Solutions Control Tower solution you always have the necessary transparency of your shipments.
Should it be necessary for the efficient mapping of your goods flows, our experts are able to plan Milkrun independently and coordinate the execution directly with the carrier. Continuous monitoring of the individual statuses is of course part of the business.
Communication via an EDI-system with all involved Logistics Service Providers (LSP).
Electronic data exchange between all involved parties is the basic foundation for the digitalization of the world of logistics. Our transport management system (TMS) provides this basic connection between shipping agents in the industry and the LSPs. Our customers only need one data connection. We’ll organize the data exchange with the LSPs. We will also deal with any LSP changes so that our client does not need to organize them.
Digitalization of the goods movement.
Digitisation should not remain a buzzword, because without transparency in the flow of goods, an efficient and semi-automated supply chain can no longer be managed.
Based on the electronic status of a shipment, mass shipment status can be machine monitored and filtered out. Well-trained logistics experts focus only on the deviations that make manual intervention necessary.
Evaluation of suppliers with Non-Conformity-Reporting (NCR)
You can only improve what you can measure. An objective performance evaluation of all LSPs is a simple way to qualitatively improve supplier performance.
There are many potential saving opportunities that should not be disregarded in managing freight costs. According to renowned studies, 100% freight inspection can save up to 2 % of freight turnover. Manually auditing freight costs is no longer realistic, which is why we rely on automated solutions. In accordance with LSPs, we convert our clients’ accounting system to an electronic system and install IT tools that can automatically check all shipping invoices. Our logistics experts then only need to check for any discrepancies and provide our clients completely checked invoices.
Our services are also transparent. A customized KPI-model transparently visualizes the performances of all parties involved. The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) provides an overview of the performance of all parties and tracks the development of costs over time, enabling us to intervene when necessary and/or define new measures together.

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