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Customs and foreign trade

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Customs and foreign trade

Legally compliant processing of export transactions and all other cross-border transactions is a basic requirement for sustainable success in the globalized world. The specialists of Kloepfel 4PL Solutions GmbH support their customers in the organization, strategic orientation and operative formation of customs and foreign trade processes. In addition to unconditional compliance with all legal requirements, the focus here is on a lean set-up with the least possible effort and optimized levies.

We support you in these subject areas:

We examine your organizational structures as well as your operational and strategic processes in the customs and foreign trade area and inform you where we see a need for action with regard to legal risks or financial optimization possibilities. We make suggestions for the implementation of the possibilities outlined and, if desired, accompany them until the final introduction. Depending on the subject area and the task, we support you in finding the optimal partner for future handling.

We establish contact with the competent authorities such as customs offices, main customs offices or foreign trade organizations of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry and provide the necessary permits and simplifications such as

  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Authorized exporter
  • Authorized importer
  • Empowered exporter
  • Processing transports

we request on your behalf. We would also be happy to monitor the associated changes for you. Customs audit support can also be part of an agreement in this area of strategic customs management.

The correct classification of the incoming and outgoing goods is the basis for a legally compliant customs clearance. It is a prerequisite for the correct submission determination, the assessment of export control duties and the determination of origin and preferences. Our employees have many years of experience in classification issues and, in cooperation with your product specialists, will determine the applicable customs tariff numbers and, if desired, maintain them in your ERP system and adjust them if necessary.

Kloepfel 4PL Solutions checks together with you whether there are possibilities to save taxes in the import area. For this purpose, the conditions for the use of processing operations (active and passive) or customs warehouses are examined, for example. The organization for import clearance for “free traffic” is also analyzed and, if necessary, adapted. The correct determination of the customs value, the use of preferences or tariff suspensions and the examination of possible import restrictions play a decisive role here. If you have entrusted haulers with the handling, their monitoring and the corresponding cost optimization is certainly an issue. We also support you in finding new partners for customs import clearance.

Is your company in relation to the various areas of export control such as :

  • Products subject to approval
  • Embargo countries
  • Forbidden usage
  • Sanctioned partners

correctly positioned? Are customs documents such as export accompanying documents prepared correctly and completely? These and other questions will be discussed with you by our experts and the best possible organization for your company with the corresponding processes will be designed and implemented together with you. We help you to install secure, sensible and economically optimized solutions with appropriate IT support in the above-mentioned areas. The preparation of an “export control manual” can also be part of our service.

Today, the use of preferences can determine success or failure in sales in many industries. The possibility of guaranteeing the customer a duty-free import in his country can mean a price advantage of 5 – 10 % on the receiving market. In order to take advantage of these benefits, it is necessary to know and adhere to the legal background and the various existing rules. Kloepfel 4PL Solutions analyses with you which requirements exist for your product portfolio in connection with the corresponding receiving countries and which measures must be taken for implementation. Whether it is a matter of demand and checking supplier declarations or the correct calculation of preferences, we are at your side. We are also happy to support the application for simplifications (Authorized Exporter, Registered Exporter) and the preparation of work and organizational instructions.

All intra-community purchases and shipments of goods must be reported monthly to the Federal Statistical Office if your company is subject to registration. Whether you are subject to registration or exempt from reporting depends on different reporting thresholds. If the reporting obligation exists, the organization of the notification is a task whose process must be carried out as efficiently as possible but still in compliance with the law. Together with you we check the existing specifications and adjust the implementation if necessary.

The complete provision of the legally compliant export and shipment documents for all deliveries for which no value added tax has been calculated is a basic obligation of the tax law, which is monitored during VAT checks by the responsible tax office. In order not to get into evidence here, it is necessary to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the relevant documents in a timely manner. The establishment of appropriate processes is essential here. Kloepfel 4PL Solutions supports you in the creation and establishment of the necessary processes in your company.

Even if you employ your own experienced staff to master the various challenges of customs and foreign trade, there are always situations in which coordination with a specialist or the assessment of a seldom occurring issue by a specialist makes sense. Likewise, when exporting a new product, for example, an ATLAS code may be missing or when importing a new product, the TARIC code may be in dispute. For all these situations in the daily operative customs environment we offer our help desk, where your clerks can exchange information directly with our specialists and thus be supported in their daily work.


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