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Kloepfel 4PL Solutions offer you individual and competent consulting as well as tried and practice-approved and future-proof solutions for your intralogistics.
The optimal warehouse: The ordered goods are available, orders are processed and delivered directly, the packaging is perfect, the content corresponds 100% to the order. Because the processes are clearly structured. Because everything is in its place. Because everyone knows what they have to do. Ergo: The customers are satisfied!
Unfortunately, things usually look a little different in reality, but we would be happy to bring you a bit closer.

We support you in these subject areas:

Based on our many years of operational experience and our pragmatic approach, we are able to work out a potential analysis for your intralogistics in relatively short time. Whether this involves procedural issues, logistics costs or the quality of operational handling, does not matter in the first step. It is a matter of consistently demonstrating the potentials and the recommendation derived from this to exploit these potentials.

Together with you we develop recommendations for a new warehouse setup. From our holistic approach out, we want to scrutinize your logistics. Beginning with the determination of the ideal location, whereby we also consider the transport costs in the inbound as well as in the outbound.

Once the geographical location has been found, the appropriate warehouse property is sought after determining the required capacities. The layout planning follows and leads to a concept that reflects the technical and process-related requirements.

This procedure applies to both, own operations and operations by a service provider.

If a subcontract is made, we support you by preparing a specification for the tender as well as by carrying out the tender itself. After the evaluation of the tender and presentation of the results, it is our task to help shape the service contract. Especially with regards to SLA, KPI´s, contractual penalties and process descriptions, so that a mutually binding and transparent contract is created. When everyone knows what they have to do and where the responsibilities lie, there is no stumbling block in the way of successful warehouse logistics.

If the existing setup of your warehouse should not run properly, we will be pleased to assist you to identify the problems. We follow your flow of goods from goods receipt to goods issue. In addition to classic goods flow optimization, we go one step further in our approach and also consider all direct and indirect processes that have an influence on the flow of goods. From unloading the goods at the ramp to incoming goods inspection towards storage. The focus is also on the technologies used, such as forklifts, conveyor technology, scanners and software.

In the next step, we analyze the commissioning for your profitability. Are there for e.g. picking strategies, route optimization or multiple picking and are the parameters for this correct? And last but not least, loading and load securing. An important point in the process is the digital identification of products and orders, which is naturally also the focus of optimization.

Then it continuous with the packaging. Are the right packaging materials in use? Are there packing guidelines etc.? We will gladly advise you on the selection of the right packaging for your requirements, in the product as well as in the transport packaging. Even if you have requirements for complex packaging solutions such as returnable or circulation packaging, we are the right contact person. Via Kloepfel Consulting we also offer support in packaging purchasing and also in tender management.

To ensure that you are able to correctly assess your intralogistics processes at all times, it is very important that the processes are transparent, clearly described and measurable. The IT system used must be able to portray all business processes and generate the corresponding key performance indicators. On a dashboard with different detail levels, these are clearly displayed and compared with the past. This key figure management enables you to anticipate and actively counteract developments in logistics at an early stage.


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